Okay, I know this is a Pop Culture blog so I’m going to keep this New Year’s resolution related to pop culture. I’ve compiled a list of things I’m going to attempt my hardest to avoid. Here it goes:

  1. Minimise my use of file sharing websites: We’re all guilty of it, but I’ve created a habit of downloading or watching albums or TV shows before I actually decide to purchase them. I want to appreciate the work and art that they’ve created much more than just saying “I watch them all the time” or “I listen to that album all the time” and actually purchase it, because if I’m enjoying their work and its content, why shouldn’t I pay for their work?
  2. Be less hateful towards artists: Fandoms. I’m in a fandom myself, and I have been since I’ve joined Twitter in 2009. I’ve been part of Beyonce’s fandom for nearly 5 years and throughout that I’ve sent such abusive tweets to fans of other musicians and the musicians themselves, causing them to block or report me. I want to retire from these immature acts as I have recently turned 18, and I’m off to university. I want to start fresh, mature, and be less hateful, because at the end of the day, they’re still successful and giving them any dose of attention just generates more publicity for them, which goes against what you’re bashing them for in the first place.
  3. Appreciate: This is going to link with fandoms but I want to appreciate the works of more of these musicians as they have different styles and musical inspirations.

This list was very short but as I said these are my pop culture resolutions, my personal list is much longer.